Insight Spotlight: Expert advice from Juanita Dharmazi of Galison

Welcome to our ‘Insight Spotlight’ column, where we share insights from industry experts in some of the hottest markets out there. This week we are pleased to offer expert advice from Juanita Dharmazi of Galison


Primary Market: Galison’s primary market is gift and stationery. It’s a very trend oriented market. It’s very competitive and fast moving industry. I love it because it challenges you to keep on coming with innovative new ideas & products, including finding fresh new talents to collaborate.

How can this market be lucrative for an artist?

It allows artists to work on variety of commissioned art and don’t you think it’s amazing when you see your work in your favorite stores?

What is going to be hot in your market in 2015 such as subject matter, colors, products?

Metallic – different hues of gold/bronze. Pastel color with foil.

What kinds of products/offerings are a growth sector for your company?

Products that can serve as both individual purchase and gift items

What do you look for when buying new art?

I like to see something new, fresh and unique. I like art that could set a trend (so not necessarily need to be on trends). But what I like the most is working with the artist itself. It’s important for artist to be able to take direction without losing her/his own voice.

Is there any rhyme or reason to why some products sell well and why others don’t?

Trends of the season, price point, product innovation and functionality.

What is the one thing you wish artists would do differently when pitching art to you? Or what do you love that they do when they pitch to you?

I respond to the ones who do their research and pitch their art that will adapt to the company’s needs instead of just some random art. And of course, I love working with someone who shows enthusiasm toward the company.

What one piece of advice do you have for artists trying to sell their first piece of art in that market?

-Do you research and your homework. Pitch art that is suitable to the company.
-Follow up but not excessively
-Never give up. If you don’t get through the first time, don’t get discourage, keep on updating and submitting your new work.
– Continue to be positive and inspired and enjoy the whole creative process!

About Juanita


Juanita is the Creative Director at Galison Publishing, a stationery and gift company in New York City which focuses on creating well-design paper products in the form of fine art images and contemporary art and design.

Growing up in Indonesia, Juanita has always had a passion for the stationery world. She loved collecting letterheads, cute rubber erasers, stamps, and creating her own notecards for special occasions.  Juanita moved to the United States at the age of eighteen to pursue her college degree in graphic design. While doing her summer internship with a design company in New York, she fell in love with the city and decided to pursue career in the Big Apple. For Juanita, New York has been a source of inspiration, from strolling down Soho to making flea market trips and from browsing through street art festivals to gaining insight from the museum visit, she finds ideas from everything around her.

When not sitting in front of her computer, Juanita enjoys travel, food tasting from all around the world, an afternoon walk with her four legged friend and being entertained by her newborn baby boy.

Find out more at www.galison.com

Juanita is one of the esteemed judges on the Global Talent Search judging panel.


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  • Thank you – great insight! Sounds like an exciting/fun market to work in. And it’s great to know that I should keep playing around with metallics.

    February 25, 2015

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