Insight Spotlight: Expert advice from Karen Capp of Oopsy Daisy

Welcome to this weeks’ ‘Insight Spotlight’ column, where we share insights from industry experts in some of the hottest markets out there. This week we are pleased to offer expert advice from Karen Capp of Oopsy Daisy


Primary Market: Home Decor is our primary market and I love the connection it has to fashion.. Often what is in fashion pages and on runway, will end up in home decor the following season if not simultaneously so gives you a great preview and trend board!

How can this market be lucrative for an artist?

There are so many product categories in home decor! Wall art, wallpaper, tabletop, textiles etc.

What is going to be hot in your market in 2015 such as subject matter, colors, products?

Folkloric, botanical, woodland, nautical, and text continues to be important in combination with great artwork.

What kinds of products/offerings are a growth sector for your company?

We are introducing pillows and continuing to grow our wall art (framed paper and canvas) and wall decal categories.

What do you look for when buying new art?

We just have to LOVE it!

Is there any rhyme or reason to why some products sell well and why others don’t?


What is the one thing you wish artists would do differently when pitching art to you? Or what do you love that they do when they pitch to you?

I wish they wouldn’t pitch a lot of patterns to a wall art company. We aren’t going to pick up surface design- wall art needs to have a focal point and an emotional connection with the consumer to make sense.

About Karen

Karen Capp

What one piece of advice do you have for artists trying to sell their first piece of art in that market? Don’t give up, but do take constructive criticism. Don’t resubmit the same pieces or submit too often. Work on fresh collections and submit those.

Karen is the co-founder of Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids, Wheatpaste, Art For Teens and GreenBox Art + Culture. She and her husband began their art company following the birth of their son. At that time, the children’s home décor marketplace had a shortage of art options that the Capps felt would inspire and truly engage children. Working out of their garage, they began the art lines that now encompass 300+ artists and 4,000+ pieces. The company today employs more than 30 staff members and is housed in its own facility, but Tom and Karen remain passionately involved in the art and product development process.

Karen attributes her interest in color and craft to her experience growing up overseas, where she was exposed to artwork in both museums and in small artisan-rich villages. She is the proud mother of a son (now a teen) and daughter and loves the San Diego, CA lifestyle of sand and sun!
Find out more at www.oopsydaisy.com

Karen is one of the esteemed judges on the Global Talent Search judging panel.


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  • Perfect timing! I just submitted a few jpg’s a little over a month ago ~ lovely insight and a judge on GTS(!) how cool is that- thank you!!

    February 18, 2015
  • I so appreciate the valuable insight into this market. I especially like the tip about the connection with fashion. Perhaps I’ll indulge a little more often in fashion analysis – no arm twisting required.

    February 18, 2015
  • Thank you! A great read!!

    February 20, 2015

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