Meet Tara Lilly – 2014 Global Talent Search Grand Prize Winner!

We caught up with a very excited Tara Lilly soon after last week’s announcement that she had won the Grand Prize in the 2014 Global Talent Search, to capture her emotion and find out a bit more about her…

Tara Lilly pic

1) Congratulations! How do you feel right now having heard the news that you are the Grand Prize Winner in the 2014 Global Talent Search?

At the very moment I found out I was in complete shock.  I had to read the email over and over. I began to cry and smile. I had an overwhelming feeling of pure happiness. Since it was 1:45 in the morning when I found out, I was so happy to have some of my MATS classmates from around the world to celebrate with while I let my family sleep. I am so thrilled and excited to begin this new journey.


Tara’s winning pieces for the Global Talent Search final (above and below)


2) Did you have any idea that you might win?

Because I had made it into the final round, I knew that I had a chance of winning. I also knew that I was up against some extremely talented ladies that were MATS classmates of mine. I felt really good about my submission and gave it my absolute best.


Tara’s piece for the Global Talent Search semi-final

3) What are you most excited about in terms of working with Lilla Rogers Studio?

I have been in love with Lilla Rogers Studio for quite some time now. Being a part of LRS is a dream come true and there is so much to be excited for. I am most excited about all of the new projects I will be working on and whom I will be working with, growth of my career, and having Lilla as a mentor. I am also excited about how much I will learn in the coming years.


Tara’s piece for the Global Talent Search first round

4) How did the Make Art That Sells (MATS) course help you prepare for the Global Talent Search? What difference did it make to the work you were able to submit?

MATS has given me the opportunity to explore and develop my own style. The mini assignments are what have really made a difference in my art. Loosely drawing on white printer paper is now the first thing that I do when beginning a new project, and most of the doodles are incorporated into the final piece. There is a freedom in drawing on blank paper that is hard for me to find when using a sketchbook. I drew more than 30 pages of botanicals and birds for the final GTS project. Lilla’s critiques in Make Art That Sells also made a difference in my work. Whether or not I had made it into one of the weekly critiques, I would jot down notes and apply what I learned to the next assignment. I learned something new with every critique. It was very beneficial to hear what Lilla’s thoughts were on what made a great piece.


Some of Tara’s work from the Make Art That Sells class

5) What is your big dream for your creative career?

My big dream for my creative career is that it will flourish into something amazing.

Tara Lilly Logo

About Tara:

Tara Lilly is an illustrator and designer based in Portland, Oregon. Since graduating from Portland State University in 2008 with a degree in Graphic Design, she has worked both in-house and freelance designing stationery products, paper crafts, party kits, and developing products for a gift company.

Tara is most inspired by patterns in nature, old picture books, vintage floral fabrics, folk art, and primitive art. Her art is filled with textures, bright colors, fun florals, and charming characters. Fine tipped ink pens, brush pens, calligraphy ink, crayons, charcoal, a epson scanner, and the computer are amongst Tara’s favorite art supplies to use. When she is not illustrating, Tara is taking a long walk, sewing, cooking, or spending time with her husband Charles.

Find out more: website / facebook / pinterest / blog

Did you know that every single one of the Global Talent Search finalists were graduates of Lilla’s Make Art That Sells course? It just goes to show what a huge impact it has on the professionalism and commercial viability of the work created by those who take part. If you have a big dream for your creative career, Make Art That Sells could be exactly what you need. Class begins on October 20 – Book your spot now!


  • i was lucky to make friends with tara at icon, and am absolutely excited that she won–you nailed it tara!

    also–i was super thrilled to make it to the semi-finals…then sort of got a new goal [work on improving my character game!] out of it when i didnt make it to the finals. good things can come from just going for it, no matter the outcome.

    October 14, 2014
  • Well done Tara. You are such a star! Hugs XX

    October 14, 2014
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