Introducing one of our newest artists, a winner of our Global Talent Search.

Get ready to see the work of an extraordinary artist. You’re going to see a fresh talent who has an almost otherworldly ability to create mood and storytelling through light and shadow. Meet one of our newest artists, Jennifer Potter, and see why she’s already heavily booked.

I never shy away from a challenge. Especially if
it involves ice cream.
–Jennifer Potter
See more of Jennifer’s work here.

Here’s Jennifer Potter’s illustrations for my Illustrating Children’s Book course. She illustrated a text written by my co-teacher Zoë Tucker about 17-year-old Annie Moore, the first immigrant through Ellis Island.

From Jennifer Potter’s Folklore Week Series

Jennifer writes: This piece (below) is inspired by the Japanese folktale, The Fire Quest. A poet sits, reading by his lit candle, and is saddened by the little moths and other insects who fly too close to the flame and burn their wings. He tries to stop them by telling them of the Firefly Queen, most beautiful and wicked of insects, who sends her many suitors on a fool’s errand to bring back fire. All while they are searching and burning, and dying, and being swept away without a thought, she remains cozy in her lotus flower with her lover, the Lord of the Fireflies, who doesn’t need to get fire, for he already carries it with him. I decided to try designing this piece like a book cover.


This appealing image shows off Jennifer’s graphic novel style.

Jennifer Potter’s love of video games is evident in the dramatic views of her environments which beckon you to explore further.

It’s lovely when a digital artist can also immerse themselves in traditional media, as Jennifer has done here.

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