Join me today at 12:00 PM ET for a free live Zoom & meet artist Brian Lambert

Guess what? Next week we’ll be announcing another new artist! Stay tuned!

But for now, we’re excited to invite you to join us TODAY at 12:00 PM ET for the next in our series of WebinARTs with our artist Brian Lambert. He’s worked on a variety of illustration projects and is currently working on projects for Magic Cat Publishing and for Neon Squid Books (MacMillan).
Click here to join our free public WebinART on Zoom with our artist Brian today at 12:00 PM ET.
I’ll ask Brian how and why he switched from a corporate job to a becoming a full-time, represented illustrator, how he finds color palettes, what medium he uses, how he finds balance, and more. Plus we’ll have a giveaway and take a few questions live. Join us!
Ps. You won’t be on video; it’s a great conversation to have on in the background!
We can’t wait to see you there!
Brian Lambert, illustrator
Spokane Valley, WA, USA


Available for licensing
as of this writing.



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