Join me today at 12:30 PM ET as I chat with our artist Kelly Anne Dalton and view her magical dream world of illustrations.

Join us TODAY at 12:30 PM ET for the next in our series of WebinARTs with our artist Kelly Anne Dalton, whose magical art has been commissioned on a variety of illustration projects for top clients including Quarto Publishing, Random House, Sellers Publishing, The Washington Post, Editions Auzou, and more.


Click here to join our free public WebinART on Zoom with Guest artist Kelly Anne Dalton TODAY at 12:30 PM ET. Password: Kelly77


I’ll ask what she did before becoming an illustrator (quite surprising!), how she tackles huge book illustration projects, what makes a great art director, how her style has morphed over time, plus enjoy her gorgeous work in a slideshow.


We can’t wait to see you there!


Kelly Anne Dalton, Illustrator
Montana, USA
We’ll have a giveaway of Kelly Anne’s illustrated book Chemistry for Kids(Quarto) (above left, and below) during the webinART.
Above: Cover for Random House



Editorial illustrations



Greeting card & Decorative illustrations


Above: Sellers Publishing


Children’s Book illustrations


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