Join us for a Book-Along on Periscope!

What’s Periscope? What’s a book-along?

Periscope is live streaming video on your phone (it’s like live TV). It’s a free app you download on your phone (follow me at lillarogers). Then, when I ‘scope (most Tuesday afternoons EST), you’ll get a text notification on your phone. You click it, and you’ll be brought right to the ‘scope on your phone. The cool part is that you and I have a conversation because you can type in your comments which I can read, so it’s very interactive. I love doing them!


Our ‘book-along’ is an idea we had to do a book group on Periscope. We’re going to explore a few concepts in my book, I Just Like to Make Things.


Drawing in my book, I Just Like To Make Things

We’re doing two Book-alongs:

Tuesday afternoon EST, February 23rd Make your own Ritual
Read pages 35 – 38 before the Periscope. I’ll give you 5 tips for creating your own, “get down-to-work, get-into-your-right-brain-creative-brain ritual”.

Tuesday afternoon EST, March 1st Career Tarot
Read and do the exercise on pages 120 – 121. This is a magical/playful way to tune into what you should focus on in the wide world of creative careers. You’ll make a color copy of the page on card stock, and cut out the cards. Then, in the ‘scope, we’ll discuss the results!


We hope you’ll join us!

Lilla and Reine
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