Jon Cannell’s collections

It’s funny about Jon. I think he’s been with me for eight years. I’ve loved his work and his warm ways (“I’m ‘Jim’ on the Office” says Jon.) But the funny thing is, as I started to say before I interrupted myself, is that, even though he helped create the look of Starbucks collateral and interior store imagery, he was slow to be received in editorial and in surface design. Clearly, he was ahead of his time. I am happy to say that now he is very busy with wonderful jobs. I’ll post his children’s book work here at some point.

Enjoy his napkin collection and the banners he did for Surtex.







  • oh, jon’s work is LOVELY! am especially crazy about the color palette and the quirky white space in some of this work. it feels spontaneous; sophisticated doodling :)

    by kim
    July 28, 2008
  • Jon this work is FAB.wish i could buy the textiles already.

    by susy
    August 5, 2008

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