fbpx Let me share why I think these seven toy pitches are going to fly. - Lilla Rogers

Let me share why I think these seven toy pitches are going to fly.

Riley here. I’m delighted to share with you seven extraordinary toy concepts that I’ve had the pleasure of working on with LRS artists. As a toy and game creator and agent, I see what’s selling and trending in the market. When I talk with people in the industry, they say this: parents and gift-givers crave unique play patterns, educational value, and standout art and design.

Scroll down to enjoy a handful of art-driven concepts your customers will love. Get ready to think about your next new product release!

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Jungle safari stacking toy

Kids will practice fine motor skills as they fall in love with this stacking toy from Åsa. All the animals — the elephant, alligator, tiger, dog, and monkey — have such varied personality. It’s all in the eyes. But wait, look at that alligator, shaped like a little table.
Kids will get happily lost in the beautiful details! I can see this made of wood and packaged beautifully at retail. Look at that rope tail on the elephant: this could even become a stacking pull toy!
Contact me to license this concept or art.


Woodland magic matchup

In Bambi’s toy pitch, animals are clad in hats, ties, and sweaters in a beautiful memory match game. It’s loaded with swoon-worthy characters. They would make a great preschool activity or a stationery product. Look at that color palette and design of the snail’s shell! Can you imagine this in your line?
Contact me to license Bambi’s game and art.


Special delivery game

As Trina and I worked on this game, I fell in love with her delicate aesthetic even more. Her game pitch, Special Delivery, is an adventure through that oh-so-Trina countryside of winding cobblestone roads. Players navigate their routes, make deliveries, and are given surprise detours! This game of chance and route planning is perfect for 6 players ages 4-6.
Contact me to see the full pitch or to license Trina’s work.


Social-emotional toy & board book
Don’t cry over peeled onions! Sarah Walsh wrote and illustrated the book behind this playful plush concept. In this talking toy, kids listen and respond to feelings in a lighthearted, carefree way. This little guy will get kids talking and laughing as they build their social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. Toy companies tell me that SEL toys are more popular than ever — I see this trend becoming the norm.
Sarah’s unique author-illustrated book is also available for license. I’ve never seen anything like it. Contact me to license her book or talking plush concept.


Munch card game

Mara’s exquisite botanical details, striking animal illustrations, and hand lettering truly set this card game apart, plus it’s a ton of fun to play.
Munch has a twist that sets it apart: the game features educational facts about the ecosystem and food chain.
Contact me to see the full pitch. Grab it before it’s gobbled up!


Repeat, repeat!

We’ve conjured up this beautiful and challenging one-player brainteaser that’s deceptively difficult! Solve all 12 puzzles and you’ll be called a legend. Big bonus: the puzzle game increases visuo-spatial skills.
Zoe Ingram’s intricate repeat patterns are mesmerizing. I get lost in the details she draws. Can you spot the tiny violet stars? How many stems can you find? For 1 player, ages 8 to adult.
Contact me to see the full pitch. Hurry, while supplies last!


you do you-nicorn

The You Do You-nicorns make their debut in this memory match game by our very own Erin Vanessa. This adorable team of diverse unicorns will help children practice their concentration skills as they sharpen their short-term memory. Better yet, kids will see that diversity is the way to play! For one or more players.
Contact me to license Erin’s sweet, diverse characters.


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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