Let me show you a few of my favorite picks: from a home spa on a swing chair, to a portrait of Marie Curie…

I’m happy to show you a few favorite pieces by my artists: from body-positivity yoga people, to a big-eyed cat for a board book, to painting on leather. Enjoy!

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Katie Vernon

Animation by Natasha Dewitz

I love the cool body positivity people illustrated by Katie Vernon.


Sarah Papworth

From “I Know a Woman”, Aurum Press/Quarto

Not only do I love the historically accurate illustrated setting, but the color palette of aqua hues is lovely.


Daniel Roode

Campbell/Pan Macmillian

Daniel has a way of creating strong, cover-worthy characters. And the fur!


Sarah Walsh

From the illustrated magazine Honest History

I have yet to see a piece by Sarah Walsh that I don’t love, and this is no exception. Sarah paints with such warmth, confidence and a cool yet accessible style.


Anke Rega

I love this lush, dreamy piece that Anke created for our Menagerie on creating one’s own spa life. It’s the watery paint and the telling details–cacti, old radio, sleeping cat–that got me.


Flora Waycott

Flora writes: “A collaboration is in the works with the talented Namu Leather Goods. I will be painting on a limited number of leather pouches before they are hand constucted by Namu. I have never painted on leather before! It feels so good to try something different – this image shows some practice pieces.”

Always a star with decorative elements, I loved seeing Flora’s work on the textured surface and the muted tones.


Kate Mason

I just fully enjoy the delight apparent in this piece by Kate, bursting with charming icons.



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