Lilla interviewed by Kitty of ink2art

Kitty does these cool interviews with creative people and I was honored that she interviewed me recently. Read more here.

Here’s a piece of the interview:

Q: Artists… how do you choose new artists that you’d like to represent?

Lilla: We get about 1,000/year from all over the world.
1. We must LOVE the work.
2. We must feel that we can get lots of work for the artist. We usually know right away which clients of ours will love the work. But it’s always a gamble.
3. We must feel that the artist is stable, professional, and knows what an agent will do for them.
4. I must see great, enormous talent and genius. Not a one-trick pony, but a bounty of talent. Years of teaching and doing this helps me assess.


  • Great interview and a wonderfully inspiring start to a Monday morning!

    November 17, 2008
  • AWESOME interview!!

    November 17, 2008
  • doing some catch-up reading…this is a wonderful interview!

    November 23, 2008

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