Lilla’s artists are on Sweet Paul’s List for the “Top Adult Coloring Books”

We’re so happy to see that Jenn Ski and Lisa Congdon’s adult coloring books are featured in Sweet Paul’s Top Favorites Coloring Books.

Jenn Ski’s “Mid-Century Modern Patterns” is listed as #1 and her “Mid-Century Modern Mania” as #10. They both can be bought here and here on Amazon.

Lisa Congdon’s “Just Add Color Botanicals” and “Just Add Color Folk Patterns” listed as #6 and #8, can also be bought here and here on Amazon.

“Coloring Books Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore!
Calm yourself and go to your happy place by staying within the lines and coloring! Here are some of my favorite sophisticated and fun coloring books and markers for kids and adults of all ages!”

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See more of Jenn Ski’s work here and Lisa’s here.

Thanks Sweet Paul!



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