Linda Ketelhut travels to Joshua Tree

Hi Lilla,

I’ve had a growing obsession with succulents since I first set eyes on one. I thought I could be satisfied with a casual purchase at the local nursery or a quick photograph while out on a walk….. And then I went to Joshua Tree. To some, a beautiful park to go camping and rock climbing. To me, a vegetation wonderland. Cacti, algae, desert shrubs, wildflowers….h e a v e n.

I was in awe discovering the different varieties of cactus in this stunning terrain. It was one of those weekends that left me feeling renewed and inspired – and more than ever wanting to channel my adoration into art. I thought I’d share a photo diary of some of my favorite Joshua Tree moments, along with a new Desert Collection inspired by the dusty, washed out colors of the California desert.

I hope you enjoy!


Giant granite boulders are a surreal backdrop for all the various plant life, while what must be thousands of Joshua Trees dot the land as far as you can see.

In their own modest, quietly expressive way, cacti are at once spare yet full of personality . Fragile, yet durable. Each one unique in shape and proportion. The “leaves” almost will you to pull them apart and reconfigure them as if pieces of a puzzle (are you sensing my obsession……).

left photo by Jen Causey

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  • Gorgeous!!! I love Joshua Tree! Visit sometime in March/April and be amazed as all the cacti & succulents are in bloom alongside the desert wild flowers!

    October 29, 2013

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