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Magic Murals is now selling some of our work for wallpaper murals; how cool is this? You can get this easy to apply wallpaper or removable wallpaper. For example, you can get this piece by Hsinping Pan at 4 feet by 4 feet for just $128! And that’s the small size. They come in three sizes. I love it.

See the whole Lilla Rogers Studio collection here.

Stick this up on your wall and have the coolest baby room or play room or toy store.

By Silvia Dekker

Freshen up your sun room or your sewing room or your bedroom. Or your craft shop.
Carolyn Gavin

How about this for your den or art room? Or your cafe, bar or shop?

Sarajo Frieden

Lisa Congdon’s green birch forest can now be yours. How about this eight feet wide in your breakfast nook? Sip your coffee in Lisa Land.

Give your dining room or restaurant some panache. Lovely piece by Karen Tusinski.

If you buy a mural, will you send us a photo? We’d love to blog it and link to you!

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