Make Art That Sells begins today – last chance to join us!

Those of you who know me know I love to teach. For the first time ever I’ll be sharing three decades’ worth of knowledge and experience through a pioneering online course — Make Art That Sells. I’ve spent a year working on this with the brilliant producer Beth Nicholls and we are ready to roll. Make Art That Sells starts TODAY! – Lilla

Join other artists from around the world for AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY TO GET DIRECT ACCESS TO ONE OF THE WORLD’S LEADING ART AGENTS, and TAKE YOUR WORK FROM ‘GOOD’ TO ‘GREAT’ OR FROM ‘GREAT’ TO ‘SUPER-LUCRATIVE’. We will show you what is hot now, what is on the horizon, and where your work fits in. This course is a collaboration between Lilla Rogers Studio and Do What You Love, and we are both proud and excited about it.

Find out more and register here.

Here’s what you get:

IN DEPTH INSIGHT INTO TEN* OF THE THE MOST LUCRATIVE MARKETS FOR ART – from home décor, gifts and bolt fabric to papergoods, baby apparel and children’s books.

These are all potential places to sell your work and Lilla explains exactly what makes art sell in each market. (*insight into five of the ten hot markets is shared in each part of the two-part course)

EXPERT ADVICE FROM THE PEOPLE WHO BUY ART, through a series of exclusive interviews with industry leaders who collectively buy millions of dollars of art every year. Find out exactly what art directors look for in each market.

We are talking Anthropologie, Paperchase, Chronicle Books, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Real Simple Magazine…

The opportunity to hear REAL TIME CRITIQUE WITH LILLA while the class is live.

Each week we provide a creative assignment. Lilla will view every single submission and share a supportive critique of several participants’ work so everyone can learn and grow as the course progresses. This is not like art school soul-destroying critique. This is real world how-to-get-your-work-sold valuable and confidence-building critique.

This is not ‘yet another general business course’. This is a unique combination of PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO BUILDER AND ULTIMATE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO MAKING ART THAT SELLS.

Find out more and register here.

But be quick – class starts TODAY and we are only holding registration open for latecomers until midnight GMT on Thursday!

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