Masha & Her Sisters by Suzy Ultman

Hi Lilla!

Welcome to “Masha & Her Sisters”. I love telling stories, so when the Chronicle Books kid’s team asked me to expand the world of my stationery character, Masha, it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to grow the character & myself. I reconnected with a passion for telling stories through time and space, and found a new joy in the art of book-making.

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The story came from my heart since I grew-up the middle of 3 sisters. It’s about love & sisterhood, and finding & embracing your thing. Each doll portrays a unique talent or interest while the family becomes a “perfect fit” through its shared diversity.

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I hope the book inspires love, sisterhood, imagination & exploration to Masha fans, young & old! Many thanks to my team at @chroniclebooks. You can buy my book here.

Lots of love,


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