Meet Clairice Gifford and see why she’s asked to illustrate so many book covers. Studio sneak peek.

Today, we’re delighted to present a number of stellar pieces by our artist Clairice Gifford, a master of illustrated typography and a brilliant colorist.

Understandably, she is often commissioned to create sensational solutions for magazine spreads, book covers, greeting cards, fabric collections, and even cookie packaging.

Lilla:What color combination are you most excited about right now?
Clairice: I never get tired of oranges and pinks.

Clairice’s clients include Clarkson Potter, Editions Auzou, Papyrus, Real Simple Magazine, Workman Publishing, The Boston Globe Magazine, and plenty more.

Contact us to assign or license–we’re happy to help!


Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Meet Clairice Gifford

“I especially love vintage lettering and designs, traveling and textiles. Besides art, I enjoy good food, books, interesting podcasts and traveling when I get the chance.”


Clairice’s workspace. Why are we not surprised that it’s neat as a pin? And that floor!



Cover of “The Little Women Cookbook” for Quarto
Buy it here


Cover of Flow’s “A Book That Takes Its Time”
Buy it here


Cover of “A Year of Reading Aloud” for Hodder & Stoughton
Buy it here


Cover of “The Happiness Project” for Clarkson Potter
Buy it here



Three images above for Flow Magazine


Map illustration for Entertainment Weekly



Cards illustrated by Clairice Gifford for Pinhole Press


Available for license as of writing



Cookie Packaging for Fika


Calendar for Amber Lotus
Buy it here


Bohemian Garden collection for Cloud9 Fabrics
Buy them here


Below: Personal Pieces available for licensing as of this writing

Hand-painted Holiday Ornaments


Vintage Tins


Party Set


Mod Mystic Home Decor Pitch



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