Meet Flora Waycott – 2014 Global Talent Search Special Studio Winner!

And here is our third winner – Flora Waycott, Special Studio Award Winner in the 2014 Global Talent Search! We checked in with Flora shortly after she heard the news, and this is what she had to say:

1) Congratulations! How do you feel right now having heard the news that you are a Special Studio Award winner in the 2014 Global Talent Search?

I am beyond thrilled! It is such a wonderful opportunity and I am so delighted that my entry has brought me to this point. It still hasn’t really sunk in so right now I am just really excited!


 One of Flora’s pieces for the Final

2) Did you have any idea that you might win?

No! I knew I was up against some really incredible competition so it was a really lovely surprise.


  Flora’s second piece for the Final

3) What are you most excited about in terms of working with Lilla Rogers Studio?

I am feeling most excited about Lilla being my mentor and seeing my work grow. She really helped me make my work richer through the MATS course and I am delighted to have her support as my agent. I am also excited to have the opportunity to have my work seen by more clients and to work with some really inspiring people.


 Flora’s Semi-Final piece

4) How did the Make Art That Sells course help you prepare for the Global Talent Search? What difference did it make to the work you were able to submit? 

The course helped me to structure my illustration pieces through the minis and then through to the weekly assignments, helping me manage my time and meet deadlines. Each market was covered in detail, with helpful tips on what the specific clients in those markets look for so this helped when answering the GTS assignments. The course also taught me to practice my art constantly, to make it better by spending time on it. When answering the GTS assignments I found that all that time I had put in to practicing my art often and the information give during the MATS course helped me to create better icons, better line work and have a better understanding of overall composition than I did before.


Flora’s first round piece 

5) What is your big dream for your creative career?

I would love to have a diverse range of work, work with some dream clients and to be able to inspire others. I remember all of those people who have helped me along the way and inspired me (and still do!) and I would love to give that to other people!


About Flora

Flora Waycott is an British illustrator and designer creating charming drawings and patterns inspired by her surroundings, with a fun and whimsical approach. With a love of travel and a curious mind, she is constantly inspired by new discoveries, whether it is the shape of a leaf or the contents of her kitchen cupboard. Flora graduated with a textile design degree in 2004 and has since worked as a textile and pattern designer and illustrator, with her work appearing on products from children’s apparel to stationery. Having spent her childhood in Japan, she has Japanese influences in her work and returns as often as she can to soak up the culture and inspiration, topping up her growing stationery collection and filling her sketchbook with drawings, origami and photos to spark new ideas. She currently lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand.

Find out more: website / blog / instagram / facebook / pinterest / twitter

You can see the blogpost Flora wrote about GTS here.

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  • So lovely to read your interview Flora. You have such gorgeous, gorgeous work! Rebecca x

    October 20, 2014
  • I love Flora’s work so it’s great to learn a little more about her. I’m just starting MATS this week, so I appreciate her advice and insight. Congrats, Flora!

    October 20, 2014

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