More amazing books and toys from our artists

Scroll down to see some of our artists’ projects which are now out on the market: Puzzles, children’s books, activity books, coloring pages, oh my! Enjoy!

Contact us to assign or license art. We’re happy to help you find the perfect artist or gorgeous images for your project!

Tara Lilly
“Puzzle to go” (Mudpuppy)

Buy it here.


Bambi Ramsey
Portrait of Pacita Abad from “Be a Creative Changemaker:

A Kids’ Art Activity Book” (Quarto)

Available for Pre-order here!


Brian Lambert
“This stunning debut picture book teaches that real treasure is not gold and friendship holds the most value of all.”

The Treasure (Magic Cat Publishing)

Buy it here.


Kay Wolfersperger
Fun coloring pages for Creative Bug!

Download them here.


Maruga Koops
Nine & Mella (Leopold Publishing)

“Cheerful and recognizable reading stories full of color and diversity. A book every child can identify with!”

Buy it here.


Rebecca Jones
64 piece search and find puzzle (Mudpuppy)

Buy it here.



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