My giant course sale starts today! See gorgeous work by my artists that they created in my courses.

I’ve been teaching courses–along with a few of my colleagues– at my other site, Make Art That Sells, for over eight years. I find it incredibly meaningful to help creatives thrive in our industry. In fact, I’ve discovered a number of my artists in those courses.


Once a year, we offer a giant sale of my courses for 2022, and it all starts TOMORROW!


Are you ready to super charge your art career in 2022? Would you like to focus on your art in the company of like-minded people? To be inspired and learn new things? To learn from experts in the industry? Then check out our huge Cyber Sale which starts tomorrow!
Download your FREE copy of our gorgeous Cyber Sale guide and start plotting and planning your year ahead. It’s got student galleries, course information, and some arty worksheets, too.


12 noon ET/5 pm GMT!
I’ll do a pop-in “career tarot” for a volunteer — I’ll talk to them about their art career dreams and goals, and do a career tarot reading to suggest their next steps. And then I’ll give them a FREE Make Art That Sells course that I think would be perfect for them, based on what we’ve talked about!
Zoom with me TODAY
November 22nd, 12PM ET



Above: The live courses I’ll be teaching next year along with a few of my favorite colleagues. Read more here.


Above: Check out the variety of products beautifully illustrated by our artists–from ceramicware, to embroidery transfers, to toothbrushes. How do you get these gigs? Learn more about the courses here.
Enjoy work by LRS artists created in my Make Art That Sells courses, below.







The Assignment Bootcamp course


This piece was picked up for a greeting card!




The My Toy Pitch course





The Editorial Live Course




I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs.
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Co-Founder, Make Art That Sells

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