My next Webinar, plus art for Porsche, L’Occitane, Macy’s, Martini & Rossi, BlueQ

Coming this Friday!


Join me, art agent Lilla,
for our free WebinART
as I chat with one of my newest artists,
We’ll discuss her gorgeous picture book art, her work process, and more.
This Friday,
August 5th
at 12.00 PM ET.
We’ll be broadcasting live on Zoomon Friday. See you then!
Ps. You won’t be on video; it’s a great conversation to have on in the background!
Find links to our entire WebinART series HERE.
Left: A series of multicultural fairy tale book covers.
Below: Fun character mosaic


We never tire of receiving illustration commissions for advertising campaigns, product packing, food and gift packaging, and more. We’ve selected a few for you to enjoy.
Above: “What to Pack” for Porsche by Katie Vernon
Above: From a series of illustrations for Martini & Rossi Fiero by Bonnie Dain
Above: From a series of gift cards for Macy’s by Bonnie Dain


Packaging for l’Occitane en Provence cosmetics line

Selection of products illustrated by Sarah Walsh for Blue Q


Fantastic lettering for Southern Living magazine, left page)


“Caring in crisis”
(Washington Post)
Promo poster for Unique Photo


Packaging for bathroom mist
(Blue Q)
Packaging for cookies
(Uncommon Goods)

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