New artist, Suzy Ultman







Suzy’s work is wonderful. I’m not telling you anything you can’t see for yourself, of course! We are so happy to have recently taken Suzy on for representation. She was a friend of Lisa DeJohn when they both lived in Portland, Oregon and now they both live on the east coast. Suzy took my illustration seminar in surface design this past year and she blew our minds every week. Her style has the letterpress sensibility we love. Suzy lived in Amsterdam for a few years (I think it was a few years) and that sensibility oozed into her brain and made her who she is today. Her work was super-well-received at Surtex, and we have several offers. Tell me what you think of her work. And feel free to contact us to assign illustration or license her work.


  • What a beautiful blog and gorgeous illustrations. Thanks!

    June 5, 2008
  • I love love her work. It is so lovely and textured. I had a book as a child that reminds me of her work. So happy you guys are working with her!

    June 12, 2008

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