NEW ILLUSTRATED BOOKS by our artists: Truth and daring, birds, and happiness.

Today I thought you might enjoy a selection of recent book commissions, and a bit about why each artist was asked to illustrate that particular book.

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Plus, stay tuned for our new artist reveal!


Sarah Walsh


Truth & Daring – A Journal for the Thoughtful & Bold  (Chronicle Books)

This illustration commission was a match made in heaven–Sarah’s gorgeous and varied lettering was beautifully paired with Truth and Dare prompts. The variety of lettering design and layout keeps the book interesting. Buy it here.

My First Book of Birds (Walker Books)

Not only can Zoe paint gorgeous birds, but she’s also able to depict them with great specificity, as was needed for this charming instructional book.

Buy it here.


Nature Journal (Breathe Special (UK))
Here’s why Trina was asked to illustrate these two books: Both her lettering and line work are delicate and calming–a good fit for both books.
Trina writes:
The Nature Journal was developed from one of my own ideas which gave me the opportunity to do a lot of hand-lettering. I also created an original digital font for the headings. Buy it here.
For the The Happiness Diary, I received the text and rough suggestions of page layouts. I worked from there developing a color palette, decorative borders, spot illustrations and then I illustrated the double-page spreads to accompany the text. Buy it here.

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