New work by Mike Lowery

Mike writes,

“Hey guys! I’m working on a few new repeating patterns. This one is
called KEYBOARDS AND VINES. It features both keyboards and vines.


Did I tell you that Mike teaches at Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta?

I asked Mike,
Lilla: What recent illustration job have you enjoyed doing?
Mike: I recently did some drawing for a chinese crafts book. The company who put the book out did an interview with me that was translated into Chinese and then (for some reason) back into English from the Chinese translation. There were some great quotes. Here’s one of my favorites:
Foodoll: “I like all food from different places, but my mood affect my taste.”
Mike: “Oh, I’m a hungry man, if no food, I have no idea.”

Read more about Mike here.


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  • That ‘quote’ is brilliant! :) x

    July 10, 2009
  • Very funny:)
    Love the repeat:)

    July 10, 2009
  • nice patterns! i also wish to have all my thoughts translated first into chinese and then back to english, perhaps i’d sound as wise…!

    July 10, 2009
  • Mike lives in Atlanta? I’ll have to get in touch with him, because I live in Atlanta, too! Love this pattern. ;)

    July 10, 2009

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