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Trina writes in her newsletter:

“I love to draw! It should have been very obvious to me after seventeen years as a freelance illustrator. But several projects in the last six months have really brought it home to me.

A book for US publishers Quarry involving 900 drawings! It comes out next year and is called “20 Ways to Draw a Butterfly and 44 Other Things with Wings”. Also being asked by design studio Cobalt ID to produce tiny drawings “as if from a sketchbook” for a RSPB campaign. At first I didn’t believe they really wanted my untidied up, usually for my eyes only sketches – but they did!

Plus my agent (for commissions in the USA – I’m based in the UK) Lilla Rogers has been running an amazing online course called “Make Art That Sells” aimed at professional illustrators and designers worldwide. We were encouraged to draw some of our own collections – above some kitchen things and my childhood stamp collection. Once I started it was hard to stop.

Do you need any drawing? If so please contact the agents at Lilla Rogers Studio!”

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  • Love this work! The colors are a breath of fresh air. They feel old timey and super modern at the same time.

    by jenreyn
    July 20, 2013

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