We’re now representing artist Mara Penny

We are beyond delighted to announce that we are now representing the brilliant and lovely  Mara Penny. Mara was a standout in my Make Art That Sells courses, often getting selected to be included in the assignment reviews. Take a look at her gorgeous work and I’ll tell you a bit more about why we chose her.

There are specific things I look for when taking on an artist. All the great drawing in the world won’t sell if the color palette isn’t amazing. Mara’s gorgeous colors on this piece in particular knocked me out. Plus, bugs.  

I asked Mara what her dream job would be and she replied that having her own home decor collection would be a dream come true. I really, really need these tins to be made so I can have them! (Do you hear that, art directors of home decor and gift? Let’s talk.) I look for really fresh and on-point home decor designs that I can license easily, as seen here: 

Originality is a key quality in all of the artists we represent. I’ll tell you something. When I saw this chair by Mara for the Home Decor class assignment I really stood up and took notice. (Or should I say, sat down.) So charmingly eccentric. 

This piece (below) tells me that Mara could make an incredible craft book cover or editorial illustration. I love to see as many different markets covered in a portfolio. Why? Because then I can make a good living for the artist, which artists deserve to have. 

What is Mara’s favorite food? Read more about Mara and see her work here.

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