Our artists do STEAM topics beautifully. Enjoy the show!

We love S.T.E.A.M! (We’re showing illustrations by our artists featuring engineering, science and creativity.)

Enjoy the show!

Sarah Papworth
From I Know An Artist (Quarto)

Buy it here.


Brian Lambert
From Make Art That Sells course Redrawing Black History.Available for licensing as of this writing.


Maria Gabriela Gama
From Think Like A Computer


Clairice Gifford
Ruth Burrows
Available for licensing as of this writing.


Sarah Walsh
From Herstory (Nosy Crow)Buy it here.


John Coulter
Available for license as of this writing.


Flora Waycott
From Flora’s book Creative Folk Art and Beyond (Walter Foster)Buy it here.


This Week’s Featured Toy Pitch
Our Toy and Games Agent Riley Wilkinson has been working with our artists on some fabulous toy concepts for you. Feast your eyes!
Artist Erin Vanessahas created this imaginative playset.

Her characters live in tiny self-contained biomes on the moon. They explore the solar system and embark on interplanetary adventures: from Mars to well beyond the asteroid belt.

Suit up and lift off!

Contact us for more information about our fantastic toy pitches,ready to license!


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