Our newest artist revealed!

We’re delighted to present to you our newest artist….. (drum roll please!)


We fell in love with Kelly Anne Dalton’s work when she was a student in my Make Art That Sells children’s book courses, where her work made it into many of my reviews.

Her memorable color palette, made up of smoky turquoise and soft muddy pinks, caught my eye but it was her totally unique style that we thought would be a fantastic addition to our group.

I fell in love with the magical work she did in the children’s book courses, and wanted to take her on so we could help her make many dreamy books, cards, and other captivating products. We look forward to working with her! Congratulations and welcome, Kelly Anne!


About Kelly Anne Dalton

I am a self-taught artist, illustrator, and storyteller living in the wild mountains of Montana.

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil; however, my career as an artist began in 2007 when I started using colored pencil on old scraps of wood.

5 Fun Facts about Kelly Anne:

1. I grew up in a Victorian lakeside cottage resort in Pennsylvania known as “The Town Time Forgot”.

2. I was a lead in an Off-Broadway musical in New York City.

3. I have an Economics degree, went to grad school, and then worked as an economist and real estate analyst before pursuing my art career full-time.

4. I have a huge crush on trail running. In the past three years I’ve run over 5000 miles with 300,000+ feet in elevation gain (the equivalent of 10 trips up Mt Everest).

5. I love Klezmer music.


Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Above: Here’s a really strong character page Kelly Anne did for my Illustrating Children’s Books course.

I would love to see Kelly Anne illustrate a magazine article or a set of Oracle cards!

We’re all sewing people here at the Studio, and fell in love with her vintage machines!


Check out Kelly Anne’s dreamy vintage-y workspace

I hope you enjoyed meeting Kelly Anne Dalton!

ART DIRECTORS: Would you like us to send you these beautiful Blurb magazine portfolios (below) of Kelly Anne’s work for greeting cards and and/or for children’s books? Want to see a private gallery of her work? Just reply to this email, or contact Susan or Kim.

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