Our Residency and gorgeous art!

Our annual LRS Residency started yesterday!
One of my most favorite things in the world is to help top artists make even more brilliant work, develop their unique gifts, and broaden their career opportunities. So, with that in mind, we are incredibly excited to offer our LRS Residency again in 2023 to our artists, focusing on illustrated non-fiction books, a.k.a. arty books.
Editors and art directors, we’ll be in touch when our artists’ brilliant pitches are ready, but as always, don’t hesitate to give us a shout should you like to see what we’ve been up to.
Last year, we focused on author/illustrated children’s picture books. Many of the pitches have been picked up by top publishers!
2022 Author/Illustrator Residency Zoom
Below is some of the work from previous Residencies for you to enjoy.
Kendra’s tender and imaginative story of two children, one who is afraid of the ground, and one who is afraid of the sky. Through visually gorgeous illustrations of steampunk-style Rube Goldberg-type contraptions, they find a way to connect.
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Through nature and a new friendship with a caterpillar, a busy pony who thinks being alone is boring, learns how to enjoy her own company.
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A bat that’s afraid of the dark? Meet Fergus, a lovable scaredy-bat!
With compassionate help from three nocturnal friends, Fergus finds the confidence to fly at night, but will he be brave enough when confronted with the gloomiest, spookiest depths of the forest?
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This heartwarming story is a fresh take on anxiety. Frankie Fox present shops for her best friend’s birthday. She falls in love with each cool toy she picks, but then quickly questions each one and gets discouraged. She ultimately pivots to create her own toy that reflects their friendship.
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What I love about Mara’s pitch is her ability to tell a laugh-out-loud story about an insecure snail in a cool way that imparts lots of nutty snail factoids. This book celebrates mucous and other gross features such as the dung beetle’s poop.
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starts May 29th!
My Kid Book Pitch, my one-of-a-kind picture book writing course is specially designed for creative people just like you!
Magic Cards (pictured above) are my secret weapon for helping you to unlock your magic imagination and come up with unique characters and a dreamy story idea.
By the end of this incredible four week course, you could have your own children’s book pitch ready to send (along with suggestions on who to send it to).

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