Want to know what happens when agent Lilla gets to work with 6 top artists for 6 days on their picture book pitches? πŸŽ¨πŸ‘‘πŸ’˜πŸ‘

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Join us this THURSDAY at 12.30 PM ET for our WebinART #3: The Residency

We have a very special (free) WebinART for you this Thursday. Six of my artists and I will have spent the week at our virtual Residency creating their children’s book pitches. We’ll chat live about what they’re working on and maybe they’ll even share a sneak peek.


What is our virtual Artists’ Residency?

Art directors and editors tell us that they’re looking for author/illustrator book pitches (probs because artists are so cool and imaginative), so we dreamed up our latest caper–our Residency–which is an incredible incubator for five of my artists to work on their authored/illustrated picture book pitches.
I get to mentor them daily for six days while they dive into my latest course ahead of the public launch called My Kid Book Pitch that I’ll be offering in October. How cool is that?
We had originally planned to have the event at my home and garden, but we’ve Covid-ized it and now it’s virtual–6 days of Zooms with the gang. It’s my idea of an agent/educator dream. All this talent for a week!


What kind of stories will they write and illustrate?
Creating a special picture book comes from understanding what makesΒ the author unique and then discovering the story they are excited to tell. They will share some of the goodness that they’re working on, their process, and other surprises.
The extraordinary artists in attendance for this Thursday’s Webinart are:
Tune in to the WebinART on Zoom here.
Password: Residency7
I hope you’ll join us for this free special event.
Can’t watch it live? We’ll send you the link for the replay next week or look for it on the Lilla Rogers home page this Friday.
Banner by Mara Penny
Banner by Erica Root
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Lilla chats with top illustrator Katie Vernon
Did you miss the fascinating WebinART with Katie Vernon last week? Katie shared how her personal work brought in some stellar gigs plus showed some of her latest work. I know you’ll enjoy it.
Watch that replay here.
Password: 3G#a#6n^


We hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Here’s to all the mothers who keep everything going while we’re at home together :)
Clockwise from top left: Carolyn Gavin, Tara Lilly, Jon Cannell
Work available for license as of this writing.


Thank You, Clothworks!
A big shout out to our lovely client Clothworks who supplied fabric from Helen Dardik’s collection (below, left) to our very own Financial Manager and seamstress, Julia Parker, and to Erin Hazlett (below, right) from The Violet Orange. Julia and Erin created face masks which were donated tolocal hospitals and a homeless shelter in downtown Boston, and tohospice and clinics in Rhode Island. Thank you all!
Above: Buy Helen Dardik’s collection, Good Things Will Come (Clothworks) here.


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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