Ruby Violet Prize Pack on FaveCraftsBlog

What a cool contest from FaveCraftsBlog! – Julia

From their website:

“If you love quirky, eccentric style and are always mixing and matching different accessories, then the Ruby Violet by Lilla Rogers line offered by Prima Marketing will be a DIY dream come true for you! We’ve got a set of cuffs and embellishments from the Ruby Violet collection that Prima was kind enough to gift us, and we’re giving away the whole set to one lucky DIY doll!

This line of whimsical trinkets, baubles, and embellishments is an adorable way to dress up cuffs, pendants, hair accessories–any jewelry or craft projects that need a little decorating! Artist Lilla Rogers has created a collection of dimensional, fantastical trinkets that add a pop of color, a bit of quirk, and a ton of fun to any jewelry piece they’re applied to.

The line also includes a series of blank, reversible cuff bracelets in various colors and textures to suit all styles. The sweet little bits and baubles can be added to the cuffs as desired, so you get to be the designer! Each embellishment includes a handy Velcro sticker on the back so that you can switch them out as you please, mixing and matching to suit your mood. The trinkets include everything from fabric flowers to metallic flowers, from rhinestones to beads, and even a kitschy little cat figurine (a personal favorite)!
You’ll have so much fun playing with the Ruby Violet products (We sure did!). These pieces allow for endless reinvention, so you never have to wear the same thing twice.

Enter now for your chance to win a prize pack of Ruby Violet by Lilla Rogers cuffs and embellishments! The contest ends July 2, 2012, and you can enter once daily, so keep coming back to improve your chances!

We are giving a prize pack of Ruby Violet cuffs and embellishments to one lucky winner. .

Click here to see rules on how to enter.”


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  • Is there any place to purchase the Ruby Violet reversible cuffs? I found a few in Tuesday Morning but would
    like to purchase more.

    by Cindy Thomley
    January 10, 2016
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