See agent Kim’s selection of favorite holiday gifts by our artists.

Agent Kim Fleming here. Today I’ve gathered up a selection of my favorite holiday gifts and festive items by our artists, available for purchase. I want to set my table with Kay Wolfersperger’s Santa party paper set!


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Party paper holiday collection for Sunny and Ted.
The collection features Santas with different skin tones,
holiday motifs and magical pops of gold.


& Clairice Gifford
An amazing collaboration
between LRS artists!
Zoë Ingram did the cover, with internal activities by Flora Waycott and
Clairice Gifford.
For Usborne Publishing.
Above: Zoë Ingram
Left: Flora Waycott.


Amazing collection by Kelly Anne Dalton for 180 Degrees.
Find them at your favorite local gift store.


Editions Michael Fischer


Page Street Publishing


Notebooks for Djeco


Snap up some classics!
Alma Publishing.
Buy them here and here.


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