See Mara Penny’s Rachael Maddow animated portrait, moon rocks chocolate packaging, and matching dog and cat dish towels.

Sometimes we just like to show you a mix of the fabulousness by our artists–from moon rocks chocolate packaging to cat and dog dishtowels.

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Mara Penny

I really adore Mara Penny and the amusing way she captures personalities.

Animation by Natasha Dewitz


AD’s: Contact us and we’d be happy to send you a copy of these luscious magazines of our artists’ work for children’s books and for greeting cards!


Jessica Allen

Seattle Chocolate’s “Moon Rocks” bar

Seattle Chocolate is partnering with The Museum of Flight to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the very first moon landing. This bar has been so popular they added additional print runs! Congrats, Jessica!


Flora Waycott

We love the delicacy of Flora Waycott’s work. You can see why she gets so much floral work. It has a look of vintage botanicals, yet very modern.


Anke Rega

One of Anke Rega’s signatures is her use of various blue hues. Here’s a charming personal piece she did which would make a sweet card. Available for licensing – just contact us!


Kate Mason

What I adore about Kate Mason is her earth-mother charm in her soul and in her art. (Did you know she’s got 5 kids?) Check out the ants. I’m pretty crazy about those grapes, too.


Ann Boyajian

Ann Boyajian has always had a gift with drawing cats and dogs in a way that brings them to life. These lovelies for TAG Ltd.



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