See our artists’ recent personal work + some fab toy pitches ready to license.

Today we’re showing you some of our artists’ recent personal work. We love it when we get unsolicited work from our artists as we get to see where their passions lie. Enjoy!

Contact us to assign or license art. We’re happy to help you find the perfect artist or gorgeous images for your project!

Tequitia Andrews
Summer’s not over yet!

Available for licensing as of this writing.

Åsa Gilland
Available for licensing as of this writing.


Jenny Miriam
Available for licensing as of this writing.


Brian Lambert
Brillant journal covers in two different colorways!

Available for licensing as of this writing.

Charlotte Bruijn
Wouldn’t this make a fun sticker sheet?

Available for licensing as of this writing.

Rebecca Jones
Marco Marella
Available for license as of this writing.


This Week’s Featured Toy Pitches


Our Toy and Games Agent Riley Wilkinson has been working with our artists on some fabulous toy concepts for you. Feast your eyes!
Check out this fantastic Felt Activity Kit by Zoë Ingram.

Children and families will build memories together as they decorate a holiday evergreen tree or a woodland oak. Felt pieces and a wood base are tactile and living room-worthy!


Next we have “Don’t Drop Dinner” by Erica Root!

A balanced meal is a real challenge in this stacking race game for 2-4 players. Dinner guests take turns piling their platter, morsel by morsel. If your plate topples over, you’ll go hungry. The glutton with their heaping plate intact wins dessert! A game of skill, this balancing buffet is sure to fill up any giggly belly.

Contact us for more information about these fab toy pitches,ready to license!

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