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We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the products that our artists have been commissioned to illustrate.


BIG NEWS: We’re taking on two brilliant artists that I’ve scooped up from my Make Art That Sells courses. Stay tuned for the big announcement this Monday April 11th.


Contact us to assign or license art. We’re happy to help you find the perfect artist or gorgeous images for your project!
Are you inspired by all the fabulous ceramicware at shops like Anthropologie? Let’s make some cool stuff together! Whatever your level, in this ten-week course I’ll help you develop imagery, find your style, create gorgeous color palettes, and make your own personal ceramic ware.
We’ll ease in with experimental test tiles featuring underglazes, resists, lettering, and line work, and move on to hand-building kurinuki cups, plates, and pinch bowls featuring mishima, embossing, sgraffito, sculptural elements and more.
We’ll end with a tea party celebrating what we’ve made.
Hey, local Boston people! I’m teaching a ceramics course on Saturdays in Lexington, and would love you to join me. Sign up here. Hurry, class size is limited.
Voices of Justice illustrated by Jennifer M Potter (Henry Holt);
Wand Collection pencil case and Mer-mazing pouch by Sarah Walsh for (Blue Q); Birthday card by Sarah Papworth (Studio Eleven Papers).
Clockwise from top: Helen Dardik‘s puzzle (Auzou); Sarah Walsh‘s Artistic Beads craft (Djeco); Hsinping Pan‘s notebook (teNeues)
Oh My Gouache! by Zoë Ingram (David & Charles)
Left: Breathe magazine; Right: Trina’s portfolio
Left: Sarah Walsh, Wild Lives (Nosy Crow)
Right: Daniel Roode, À toi de jouer! (Milan Presse)
Our stellar financial manager Julia Parker is also the creative brain behind Blue Meridian Crafts.
Check out the gorgeous infinity scarves she is selling in her Etsy shop, with profits going to support Ukrainian efforts.
She also posted a quick YouTube tutorial on how to sew your own infinity scarf.
I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs.
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