See the gorgeous work my artists have created for my classes. My courses are on SALE. Download your free Guide.

One of my greatest joys as an agent is being able to mentor my artists and also share that knowledge with our community at large on my course platform, Make Art That Sells (MATS), now in its 8th year. I’m even cool if I’m helping artists who are represented by other agents. Why not? What’s good for one is good for all.

I found all 20 of the most recent artists that we’ve taken on for representation in my MATS classes. Why? Because I’d gotten to know them and witness their evolving brilliance. Scroll down to see the work that my own artists have created in my classes (even after being represented by me), and you’ll get why I love teaching.
I’m happy to let you know that our MATS Annual Spring Sale is on and it’s chock full of great deals. These courses are a fun way to focus your attention on your creativity in this super weird time.

Download our Spring Sale Guide here to learn about what’s for sale, and read about my two brand-new courses, My Kid Book Pitch and Lilla’s Mystery Box.

Download your free pretty Sales Guide here
and read about my newest courses.

Get the big bundle here jam-packed full of all my courses to nicely fill your summer and fall schedule with creative goodness. It’s called My Semester of Art School: ALL. Or purchase individual courses, all on sale now.
Yep, get all this goodness in our My Semester of Art School Bundle: ALL
and rev up your creative life.
Enjoy work that my artists have created in MATS classes:
Text by Zoë Tucker.
Kelly Anne Dalton for the Illustrating Children’s Books Course.
Text by Zoë Tucker.
Sarah Papworth for the Editorial Course (Available 2021)
Julia Christians for the Creating Collections for Home Décor course
Kelly Anne Dalton for the Creating Collections for Home Décor course
We’re giving away our MBA course
for FREE to support creative people during this time. Over 10,000 people have already signed up. Join us.
I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more. Be sure to sign up for courses during this sale which ends Wednesday, April 8th. Yep, we have lots of art directors that take my classes. I love it. Join me!
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