See the meditating mustachioed man and a selection of editorial images picked for you.

At the end of our weekly Zoom staff meetings, Patty, our studio assistant and yoga teacher leads us on a relaxing meditation. We slide back in our chairs, close our eyes, and breathe. Patty says, “Meditation brings us back to our bodies, what’s real and present, and out of our fears for the future.”


Agent Kim Fleming selected a number of meditative illustrations she thought you’d enjoy. I love Mara Penny‘s bath scene full of floating fruit slices and flowers and Trina Dalziel‘s mustachioed man and guitar, below.


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Editorial commission


Available for license as of this writing.


Available for license as of this writing.


Available for license as of this writing.


Diabetes Magazine


Congratulations to Bambi Ramsey and Jennifer M Potter, whose illustrations were selected for the Washington Post’s “Best Art During the Pandemic” article, also with an honorable mention to Carolyn Gavin.
Check out the full article here.





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