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We’re happy to announce our 5th Annual Menagerie goes live February 8th! It’s our online event which showcases fresh, new artwork by our artists based on themes that we know our clients are looking for. All will be revealed on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH in a private, password-protected gallery. Stay tuned for details in your inbox… coming soon!


Banner by Åsa Gilland.


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Today, I’d love to spotlight one of my busiest artists, Åsa Gilland, who I discovered a few years ago in my MATS courses. I fell in love with her appealing characters, rich textures, and excellent storytelling.
You can easily see why she is so frequently requested for book illustration work. I’ve picked a few favorite recent pieces that I thought you’d enjoy. Scroll down to see more or jump over here to see her work on our site and read more about her here.


Illustration from Welcome to Texas (Random House)
Animation by Natasha Dewitz


My dad was a mapmaker who’d spend summers outdoors detailing aerial photos. I’d pass time in the car, drawing creatures and folks entangled in perplexing drama. I’m still pretty good at drawing in a moving car.
— Åsa Gilland


Books, books, so many books!


The first four books in a visually popping series illustrating all 50 States! (Random House)
California, Arizona, Texas and Florida are now available.
Maine and Colorado are due out in June.
Pre-order here and here.


I’m crazy about this fully-illustrated large-format book beautifully illustrated by Åsa!
This is our World(MacMillan) is a colorful celebration of our planet’s cultural and environmental diversity―an unforgettable journey that brings the people, customs, and wildlife of 20 places around the world vividly to life for young readers.


Flibbertigibbety Words: Young Shakespeare Chases Inspiration (Page Street Publishing)
With quotes and sly references to the famous works of William Shakespeare and the words he invented, this adventurous ode to language will delight readers young and old.


Notebooks for Djeco.
These images above are available for licensing as of this writing.


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