Seeking representation? Find out all you need to know…

In the 2015 edition of Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp (starting today!) Lilla spills the beans on exactly what you need to know when seeking representation and working with an agent. The in-depth interview included as a free bonus within the upcoming course includes:

  • How to know if you are ready and suited for representation
  • How to decide which agent would be a good fit for you and your work
  • How to approach an agent for representation
  • What to do if you get knocked back
  • Top tips for working with an agent

Bootcamp starts today but you can still squeeze in if you are quick. This six month online course provides a structured way to build your portfolio with monthly professional level assignments. The agent insight mentioned above is one of the monthly surprises from Lilla, delivered in class. Others include:

  • Basic Adobe Illustrator drawing skills (featuring LRS artist Silvia Dekker)
  • Creating textures on vector art in Adobe Photoshop (featuring LRS artist John Coulter)
  • Painting in Adobe Photoshop (featuring LRS artist Talitha Shipman)
  • Designing your own logo (featuring LRS artist Suzy Ultman)

Hurry and book your spot now as the first mini assignment is released today and you don’t want to miss it!


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