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I love teaching artists over at Make Art That Sells (where I’ve taught and discovered most of our recent spectacular artists).

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I have a book addiction, and I’m betting that you do, too, so apologies in advance. Today I’d love to show you brand-new books by three of our top artists.

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Erica Root

Pre-order Erica’s amazing debut author/illustrator book A Year of Weeks: 52 Awesome Weeks of Trying New Things (Running Press), out next month.

Full of charming illustrations and inspiring prompts, A Year of Weeksis an interactive, imagination-sparking road map for a year of trying new things—broken into fifty-two exciting, achievable activities.



Read early reviews of Erica’s book:
What a great idea. Erica’s illustrations and insights together are so wonderfully digestible, whimsical, and peace- and curiosity-inducing. From the first time I saw Erica’s work I saw her precious mind in the turn of a pencil stroke, her patience and humor, and that voice is right there in this book. Each activity and illustration gifts me a totally stress-free task to engage me further as a person, as a mom, as someone who wants to do more and is sometimes so overwhelmed by the wait and rush of this ride. This book makes me feel younger. Get it for yourself. And everyone you like. And a special one for someone you loathe. It’s a win-win. ―Selma Blair, actor and activist


Sometimes our most inspired moments come from the simplest challenges. A Year of Weeks is chock full of weekly uncomplicated, fun exercises to wake up our creativity, think outside the box, and dream big. Stunningly illustrated and exquisitely hand-lettered, Erica Root’s own artistic style lends an encouraging backdrop to this book of weekly activities.
 ―Lisa Congdon, illustrator and author


A Year of Weeks encourages us to do a very simple but difficult thing: try something new every week. With engaging illustrations and thoughtful prompts, this journal inspires us to stretch ourselves each day—ensuring that by the end of the year, we’ve experienced the lessons and growth necessary to head into the next with confidence and an open heart.―Meera Lee Patel, author of Create Your Own Calm, Start Where You Are, and My Friend Fear





Zoë Ingram



Welcome to the wonderful world of painting with gouache, with the creative guidance of popular artist and illustrator Zoë Ingram.


In this comprehensive beginner’s guide, Zoë shares everything she possibly can about getting started with gouache painting. Why gouache? Because this exciting paint medium creates opaque effects making it more vibrant and graphic than traditional watercolours, meaning you can layer it, paint on dark backgrounds and much more.


Already translated into 6 different languages and flying off the shelves!







A follow up to Sarah’s incredible bestsellers Herstory and Wild Lives, comes another gem about fifty amazing kids who changed the world. A beautifully illustrated collection of inspiring short biographies sure to empower and motivate in equal measure.





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