Spotlight on Kelly Anne Dalton : Enjoy her bright and dreamy style

Today, we’d love to show you the work of Kelly Anne Dalton whose bright and dreamy style pulls in a vast range of commissions from science-y books for kids to updated Aesop’s tales for Editions Auzou to covers for historic middle-grade fiction for Random House. Enjoy!
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“I grew up in a secluded Victorian resort town in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, which was the perfect recipe for a lifetime love of vintage objects with soul and playing make-believe in the forest.”
— Kelly Anne Dalton


Watch Kelly Anne make art magic on her iPad.
Welcome to Adventures in Idaland. Kelly Anne has crafted an entire world around the main character, Ida. With her mouse pal Scout, Ida embarks on adventures around the world as she helps animals solve all sorts of problems.
Together with our Toy and Game agent Riley Wilkinson, we’ve developed an entertainment concept ripe for a future animated series, as well as toy concepts ready for license. Contact Riley to learn more.


Kelly Anne just created this lovely piece for the very first assignment for my Illustrating Children’s Books course.


Personal work




Above: Chemistry for Kids, Quarto
Biology out soon!


Aesop’s Fables (Editions Auzou)


Book covers for Random House


More beautiful illustrations


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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