Spotlight on Sarah Walsh’s Goddess book

We’re thrilled to announce the US publication of Goddess: 50 Goddesses, Spirits, Saints, and Other Female Figures Who Have Shaped Belief, published by Nosy Crow, in partnership with the British Museum, stunningly illustrated by LRS artist Sarah Walsh. Read our interview with Sarah below.

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Sarah Writes:
This book is the last in a series with Nosy Crow. (Herstory, Wildlives, Youthquake and now Goddess).
It stemmed from a partnership with the British Museum. It was created to be a companion for their Goddess exhibition.
The book was originally released in February 2022 in the UK only. But a very exciting development recently occurred…. Goddess will be published in the US this Fall!
50 Goddesses, Spirits, Saints, and Other Female Figures Who Have Shaped Belief
Written by Dr Janina Ramirez Illustrated by Sarah Walsh
Published by Nosy Crow.
Out September 5th, 2023.
“This amazing book contains goddesses, guides, spirits, saints, witches, demons, and many more female figures that have played an important role in shaping belief today. This incredible introduction to goddesses throughout history will entertain, engage, and empower readers everywhere.”
Why was this a favorite project?
Because the research part of it was fascinating, there was lots of creative freedom and I got to draw mythological figures, animals and powerful women!
What did you learn from doing this project?
It affirmed my love for mythology, folklore and all things magical. I also learned about SO MANY different cultures and new figures in folklore history that I had never heard of before which was thrilling to say the least.
What do you love about this project?
I wish I had this book when I was a kid. It definitely would’ve been one of my favorite’s because of the bright color, the powerful feminine energy, the mystery, the stories and all the symbolism.
Where did you find inspiration for this project?
Nosy Crow and the British Museum provided some reference for each Goddess/Spirit/saint but I did a lot of digging on my own as well. I created a Pinterest board and collected images inspired by each figure. Then I would do a doodle page while looking over all the research.
During the process I would take notes and call out interesting things that inspired me. Then the designer would go over my doodles and pluck things out that caught her eye as well so it was a very collaborative process.
What did you love about the characters, story or theme?
I’m a big fan of fantasy, folklore and magical things. And of course feminine power.
This book project weaved them together to make a very special concept. I have a little boy and we watch a lot of dude superhero movies. While working on this book, it struck me that the mythological gods, goddesses, spirits and saints might have been perceived as feminine superheroes back in the day. They all had an origin story and although most of them were flawed like humans, they all had different powers and strengths beyond anyone’s imagination. I think that’s all incredibly cool. :)
What medium did you use for the illustrations?
Acrylic gouache, water-based gouache and colored pencil.
How long did you work on illustrating this book?
There are 50 detailed full bodied portraits and about 3-5 spot illustrations on each page so it took a while, from approximately the Fall of 2019 through late Summer of 2021. I basically worked on Goddess almost all of Covid and it was definitely a bright spot.
Thanks so much Sarah!
Goddess is available for pre-order now. It releases September 5, 2023
in the US.
See more of Sarah’s amazing work here.

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