Susy Pilgrim Waters – Play, Process, Printing and Production (THE 4Ps)

Susy writes:

Hi Lilla,

I wanted to share with you some images from a wee trip I took to Lake Park Florida with my old London Art School friend Rod Carruthers.
I was so happy to be in on the production and physically silk screen printing again. Mixing inks, cleaning and exposing screens…pushing the edges where ever possible.
Rod is a wonderful very experienced printer .For me my wish to print on wood came true as i had brought down some components from the trays my husband Keith and I make..
Adding more dimension and artistry to an new surface (we still have to test for longevity and wear) was fantastic, mixing inks, seeing what happens once it’s been through the dryer. And then the washing machine…it keeps changing. It was a great ride with the big fish from wahoowahoo.com. i hope to go back soon.

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