Susy Pilgrim Waters, Sarajo Frieden, and Rebecca Bradley at Icon 5 NYC

My three fab artists manned (womanned) the Lilla Rogers Studio table at Icon 5 Roadshow in NYC this past summer. Finally, I’m blogging these photos that Sarajo sent me. The Roadshow is a night during the illustration conference where artists show their work and art directors are invited to attend.

Here’s what Sarajo writes:
“The roadshow was pretty good, it wasn’t an amazing turnout (maybe people away for 4th of july?)..still, a lot of people came to our table. Rebecca, Susy and I gave out lots of samples and any biz cards too…Mostly LOTS of people were already familiar with our work, loved it, had gushing things to say!”

— sarajo

Sarajo, Rebecca and Susy. blog3ladies_b.jpg

Our table full of cool stuff for the art directors to view:blogicontable1.jpg


The lovely Susy. She sells her silk-screened shirts and bags on etsy.blogms_susy.jpg

Rebecca (on left) and Susy (on right)blogrebsusy.jpg

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  • Aw the table looks great! I was lucky enough to be one of the students asked to help out at ICON 5, but unfortunately they wouldn’t let us go in to most of the events like this one! I Really wish I could of, all of your artists are so great and inspiring!

    April 5, 2009

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