Suzy U & Chronicle: Stationery Bliss (Part 1)

Our artist Suzy writes:
There are some clients who make you better: Chronicle Books is one of those clients. Their process encourages me to playfully dive into the project. We all take our work seriously but we have a lot of fun.

“Masha & Friends” is the happy ending to the tale of a young girl who collected dolls from around the world, painted wood objects in the workshop with her dad, and spent hours writing to penpals on sacred sets of Sandra Boynton stationery with matching stickers.

The Masha set is interactive with every layer considered, including a pop-up feature to display the dolls. I hope the cards bring out the girl in you too. You can purchase them here.”







Wednesday: Suzy U & Chronicle: Stationery Bliss (Part 2)

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  • love love LOVE this! :)

    by jill
    September 20, 2010

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