Suzy Ultman – ’tis a Land of Nod Holiday Season

Last year, I was given the honor of bringing festive cheer to Land of Nod’s annual ornament and their website’s home page. In the mix, I was also given a holiday wall art project. It was a unique situation to be working on three very different projects for one client for one specific season. I knew this was an opportunity to have a lot of fun. Even though the three products would live separate lives, I wanted to connect them in some way. I wouldn’t have many chances to play like this… So, you’ll see that the “gifted girl” from the wall art has found her way onto the website’s home page. The watchful moon from the ornament keeps eye on the website’s sleepy town when the site changes into night mode.

Thank you to the fantastic folks at Land of Nod for this opportunity. Happy Holidays to All! Suzy








  • These are so! cute….just had to say that.

    December 1, 2013
  • Hi, I am looking for 1-3 of these Nod 2013 ornaments, any way I can still get ???? Thanks.

    by Jill
    December 2, 2013

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