The artist’s process: Suzy Ultman

Here’s what the lovely Suzy has to say:

Hi Lilla,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “worlds within our worlds”: all of the little connections that make our living world possible. It could come from the fact that I spend a lot of time with my boys at Boston’s Science Museum & the Natural History Museum. It also stems from my passion for the environment.

I started drawing bugs and snails. I replaced the snail’s home (shell) with our new house (#9) and then started drawing more snails with other Newburyport houses. I’ve attached those sketches. I’ve also attached a sketch for Madison Park. It is a tree with an apple family and a snail coming to visit.

I’d like to pursue the natural-world+human-world connections.

I also think these characters would live well in a paper diorama kit or “punchout and play” kit (fun DYI project). There could be houses, trees, critters all living in their own special world. Of course, there would have to be a “green” message. Let me know what you think. xo suzy


Tomorrow: Trina’s latest editorial piece for Spa Magazine. Think about the glowy-est pinks you can, and tomorrow you will see them in Trina’s piece.

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