THE BIG REVEAL IS HERE! Our Annual Art Menagerie–Check out our huge collection of brand-new work by our artists.

Illustration by Sarah Walsh
Illustration by Erica Root
Animation by Natasha Dewitz


TODAY’S THE BIG REVEAL! It’s our 5th Annual Lilla’s Art Menagerie and we’ve got over 150 brand-new, alluring, gorgeous images to show you, our favorite art directors. Our aim is to provide you with inspiring new work for the themes you look for most.
A few months ago, agents Susan McCabe and Kim Fleming created hugely inspiring trend boards for our artists based on themes and concepts that our clients ask for the most. We let the boards loose on our artists, and boy, did they run with them! You’ll find art that’s perfect for puzzles, loads of stunning children’s book examples, and plenty of luscious card art ready to license, and much more.


Art Directors: Many greeting card companies snap up images the first day of our Menagerie (today!), just saying.
Do you commission work? You’ll be sure to be inspired by what you see.


Easy! Just click on this special link to see all the brand-new Menagerie work that you’ve been waiting for.


Enter this password: loveart


Once in the gallery, be sure to click “View All”.


Sarah Walsh created this painted gem for the Menagerie, inspired by our theme of diversity for greeting cards. Want to see more brand-new Menagerie images by the hugely popular and in-demand artist Sarah Walsh?
Click here! Password: loveart


This magical image by Kendra Binney would be amazing as a dreamy puzzle, an incredible nature-y non-fiction illustrated book, an eye-catching bolt fabric collection, a line of stationery products like journal covers, greeting cards and more.
Contact us to license this image or commission work. To see more of Kendra’s brand new work and that of our other artists for the Menagerie, click here. Password: loveart


When I first saw this image by Åsa Gilland, I immediately wrote back and told her that I envision her doing a Fruit Facts non-fiction book loaded with fully illustrated fun fruit facts!
Contact us if interested. See more of Åsa’s work for the Menagerie here. Password: loveart
See more art!
Be sure to click this link, (password loveart)
to see the collection of over 150 brand-new pieces by our artists and snap up images or be inspired for your next project.
Illustration (right) by


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs.
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