The Global Talent Search is back!

Registration officially opened today for Global Talent Search!  Below are a few fun snippets from the Make Art That Sells School with Lilla Rogers about the Global Talent Search.

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“We’re so excited to share that Global Talent Search is back!  The winner will win a career-changing package of amazing prizes, including full collections with two leading industry companies.

Why join GTS?
To work on professional assignments inspired by the latest trends
To add great pieces to your portfolio
To have a taste of what it is to work with industry professionals and to deadlines
To be part of a buzzing community and make contacts
To gain visibility from the many industry experts who keep an eye on GTS to spot new talent
To get your work in front of Lilla Rogers and top art directors (19 judges)
To give your career a kick and regain confidence in your work
To challenge yourself
To enjoy yourself

And that’s not even mentioning the prizes that the winner will win! Since winning the Global Talent Search, the previous years’ winners have worked on dream jobs for clients they never thought they’d have access to.”

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For more information and to register, please go here for more details: Make Art That Sells.


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