Trina’s recent work for a Speech and Literacy Magazine

Trina writes:

“Hi, Lilla! I want to show you these new pieces I’ve done for a UK based magazine. It’s called Bulletin and it is aimed at people working in the field of Speech and Literacy. I illustrate their monthly opinion column.

Because the text is usually very specific to its field rather than sit at my desk and have the reaction “I don’t understand this! I can’t do it!” on my first couple of read throughs I try to make something special of the event. So I take the text to the park and read while having an ice lolly or sit in the kitchen by the window with coffee and a cinnamon bun….somehow I trick my mind into relaxing so it all starts to make sense and I can come up with “soft” but relevant solutions. Which is what I love about illustrating for magazines – having a text that is a little dry or outside my usual scope of knowledge and finding a visual way of making it more approachable and appealing.

I’ve also included a few roughs for two of them.

I particularly enjoyed doing the one about how when assessing children’s speech it’s necessary to be aware and make considerations for things like it not being a first language or hearing difficulties etc.

When I was five I had speech therapy and I can still remember some of the pictures in my work book – a father and children pulling a yule log and a picture of a yacht. “Y” was one of the sounds I was having trouble with. Though I can now say yacht perfectly sadly I can’t spell it so well! Luckily the editor picked up on it on the rough!”









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  • Thank you for this enchanting blog entry, Trina. I loved it!

    July 30, 2010

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